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Having Fun Has Never Been This Easy

Recball is a sports ball rental service that makes having fun and staying active simple and convenient at an affordable price.

Boris Boundjia, a former college basketball player, who resides in Los Angeles, founded Recball. Bo, like many other Los Angeles residents, enjoys being outside and the warm weather that southern California has to offer. He would go to the park and see other people playing basketball and soccer or spot an empty volleyball court on the beach. He’d find himself feeling unprepared and wishing he had a ball. At that moment Recball was born. You don’t need to be prepared or tote a ball with you everywhere you go. Recball makes them available, affordably, in recreational areas. Bo hopes that Recball will motivate more people to be active and thinks that sports will bring friends and families together outdoors in a healthy way.

Recball can also help in eliminating property loss. Bo has lost countless items while playing basketball at the park; he lost a chain that his mom gave to him when he was playing basketball on the playground. Recball allows you to leave your belongings safe inside the locker. You can play sports freely not worrying about your phone or wallet being stolen on the sidelines. Simply and conveniently have fun!

Recball isn’t just fun and easy. It is also eco-friendly! As a young entrepreneur and with global warming at an all time high, it is Bo’s responsibility to make sure that his business endeavors are always environmentally sound. All of Recball’s machines use solar-powered energy.

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